A Court Reporting Blog? In 2014? Really?!?!

A new court reporting blog in 2014?  Or ANY blog?  Really?  Wasn’t that something people did in 2008…and now it’s over?  In all fairness, I’ve been pretty busy working on SimplySteno, SimplySteno Live, StenoLife, SpeedBuilders, StenoTube, RPRprep, CSRprep, StenoWatchdog…and a documentary about court reporting – For the Record!  So cut me some slack.  That being said, I’m also probably the last person on Earth who has a VCR, so…

So how will this blog differ than any of the 400 other court reporting blogs out there?  Well, those bloggers don’t know what’s in by brain, so there’s that.  I’m not saying my insight is always going to be brilliant, but it’s always going to be my own.  I will share my thoughts on the state of court reporting, court reporting schools, important people in the field and education in general.  And I’ll give updates on what’s in store for the SimplySteno program – something I’m always excited about.  I can’t believe our online program is coming up on 10 years soon!

court reporting blog

But like the image above, I’ll just try to be human and share some stories related to court reporting and life.  Some are funny.  Some are serious.  Some are embarrassing (mostly to me).  There’s no shortage of experiences – I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years now!  And unlike most people in this industry, I didn’t choose court reporting – it chose me.  I fell into it, then realized I was in love with it.  But I’ll save that story for another blog.

I’ll do my best to blog every Tuesday, with other smaller posts in between, so make sure to check back often.  I can’t say you’re always going to agree with what I have to say – or that I’ll always be politically correct – but I hope you can see that my comments are always coming from a good place.  I really want to help students and this occupation.

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3 Responses to A Court Reporting Blog? In 2014? Really?!?!

  1. StnoGrl says:

    Hey Marc! Nice to have you blogging. I’m following your movie. Good luck!

  2. Rhoda says:

    Ha! I used SimplySteno in 2004-2005! Congrats! And better late than never on the blog? Maybe all the others faded out, yours will be the only one? Lol!

  3. Karen says:

    Great blog so far! I can really hear the voice in your writing. I also love steno! 🙂

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