A CSR Success Story!

Lacy, a SimplySteno student, passed her CSR exam last week!!!  She’s worked hard and deserves every bit of success she gets!  I asked her to share the testing details.  I’ve posted it below…

“There are many factors that contribute to a pass and it often felt overwhelming to think of everything out of my control. So one month before the CSR I kicked my pre-test routine into overdrive Every single day before the test I watch an EFT video and/or did my tapping exercise with 100% focus. I took a short walk everyday wherein I would give myself lots of positive affirmation and intentionally recall how much hard work I’ve done and how far I’ve come to be able to sit for the test. I would also remind myself that self-worth is not based on passing or failing tests and that as long as I did everything in my control to do I could be at peace with a pass or a fail. i would say over and over again, every day, “you are awesome. You are just going to go in there, do your thing and pass that test. You have earned it!” In addition to tapping, I would rub lavender oil on my temples and inhale deeply before taking tests.

On the day before the CSR exam I got lots of good sleep. I bought myself all of my favorite healthy treats that energize and comfort me to take to the test with me. I also carefully packed my bag and got everything ready! I made a sandwich, had some trail mix and an anti-stress tea . . etc. I avoided sugar and coffee like the plague because they only add more adrenaline.

The day of the CSR I packed up all my healthy treats. I took my own pillow from home for my back. I took my lavender oil and some simply steno practice material.

When I got there I set up my equipment and started to practice. My fingers were shaky and my nerves were getting the best of me. So I stopped and did my tapping and immediately felt my heartbeat slowing back to normal and continued till I felt completely normal. I did a names and numbers take at a bit of a slower speed to gain control of my fingers and boost my confidence. I rubbed on lavender oil and then the test began.

All throughout each CSR portion I breathed deep when I felt myself tighten and told myself, “just hold on. Don’t worry about pass fail, just hold on, write forward. you’re doing great”. The same goes for transcription time. Controlling your nerves is just as important while typing. Typing time is not “self-critique” time, it is not “worry about failure” time, it is “in the zone, 100% focus” time. Marc is so right, don’t second guess yourself! Trust yourself.

For me, setting myself up to pass the CSR test was all about making myself believe I was actually at home doing the same thing I every day! Routine, routine, routine! Breathe, breathe, breathe! I didn’t talk to people and tried not to look at people much (because at home it’s just me and my computer). I just smiled a lot and kept a happy attitude, hoping to encourage those around me with positive energy. I took every comforting thing I could think of. I’m sure I looked insane, but I was totally prepared and I passed!”


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