Court Reporting Students – Learn From Kids!

Court reporting students spend pretty much all of their time learning from adults.  That’s a big mistake!  Little kids, pure and energetic, sometimes have a lot more to offer in terms of advice, energy and common sense.  Sometimes the basics work.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

Court Reporting Students Love to Compare!

For the court reporting students who insist on comparing themselves to every other student in class — and other classes — and other schools — we offer the following advice…


You need to understand that students aren’t clones — you can’t compare progress in a reasonable manner.  No one has exactly your life — family — religion — hobbies — job.  There are way too many variables to do a fair comparison regarding progress.  You need to let that go and stay within yourself – create your own path to the finish line.  And if you MUST compare, don’t forget to compare yourself to all the court reporting students who dropped out of school — you’re WAY ahead of them 🙂

The Mental Breakdown!

There’s no doubt about it — court reporting school is challenging!  It can be hard to get up each day and sit down behind that steno machine.  And even when you do, sometimes it’s hard to focus and be productive.  For the court reporting students dealing with the daily grind of testing and failing and writing and stumbling and practicing and fumbling and forcing and finally succeeding, we offer the following words of wisdom…


The Energy!

You can’t always rely on outside sources to get you pumped up.  You need to be your biggest cheerleader!  So for the court reporting students who just can’t seem to get things into gear each day — to pump themselves up enough to knock out some productive steno practice, we offer up the following ball of energy…


So there it is – you can learn a lot from kids!

Smart Kids

Court reporting students can learn a lot from kids!

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  1. Jennifer Morrow says:

    Awesome advice! These videos are cute and inspiring! Thanks!

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