You’re Not Mark Kislingbury!

I remember the first time it happened.  I had just started my online program and got a call from a student.  “Is this really Marc?  I can’t believe I’m speaking with Marc!”  Well wasn’t that nice!  I mean, my program was new, but StenoLife had been up and running for a few years – and SpeedBuilders was well established.  Why shouldn’t she be happy to be speaking with Marc?!  Well, 4 seconds later I found out why.

The Mark Kislingbury!  How exciting!”  Flarg.  Turns out I was a Marc…but not the Mark.  What a difference a letter makes.  (oh yeah, and being able to write 360 words per minute)  This was the first of many encounters with students and professionals who just assumed I was Mark Kislingbury.

As the years went by, it still happened… a lot!  But as my program grew, so did my name recognition a little.  Every now and then the person would say, “Hey, Marc – I’ve heard of you.”  And I’d give them a way out – “Just to be clear, I’m not Mark Kislingbury, the fastest court reporter in the world.”  And then I’d be shocked to hear, “No!  I know who you are!”  Really?  Lil ol’ me??

Having the same name as Mark Kislingbury – The Fastest Court Reporter in the World (that’s how I address him when I see him) – has been a blessing and a curse.  I actually get to speak to a lot of people who call me assuming I’m him.  Blessing!  And then there’s that moment when they realize I’m not.  Curse!

That’s okay.  I’m making it my mission to write 361 words per minute.

Mark Kislingbury

File Photo – Mark Kislingbury

PS – This blog was written as a joke, people.  Mark is one of the nicest, most helpful people in the court reporting field.  I’m lucky to have worked with him several times.  I just wish he’d change his name 🙂

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One Response to You’re Not Mark Kislingbury!

  1. Meridith says:

    I remember when I was speaking to you and I was a little star struck because *I* knew you as this guy all over the CR forums with the most amazing advice to people. Then I found out you were making a documentary. (How cool is that?) Oh, and you own the site with all of the cool student CR tools that most of the students in school with me were using. And then there’s your program.

    I remember you clarifying to me that you weren’t the speed record holder MarK. Lol. I think those were your exact words. I knew who you were and who you weren’t. You’ve come a long way, baby! #Namerecognition 😉

    I guess knowing YOU is sorta like knowing HIM when you think about it. Two of my CR rock stars for all that they do for this profession.

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